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The Human Resources function/industry has a rhythm all its own.  External events such as the Affordable Care Act, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, as well as the shifting talent trajectory with retiring Baby Boomers and the influx of Millennials brings major changes to today’s HR landscape.

Prior to establishing Clarke HCM Consulting, LLC in 2016, I have worked independently since 2013 and have been providing strategic HR Capital Solutions to clients over the past six years.  Having spent the past 25+ years climbing the corporate ladder and working for several conglomerates, I created Clarke HCM and have been working independently in the areas of Rewards, Talent, Analytics and the Digital HRIS space.

I’ve worked most of my career for three large Fortune 500 companies including Duke Power (formerly Florida Progress), General Electric’s finance arm known as GE Financial Assurance (now Genworth Financial) and Anthem Corporation (formerly Amerigroup).  I started my career as a CPA working for Price Waterhouse and as an internal auditor before transitioning into an HR leadership role.  Therefore, I bring an additional set of tools clearly understanding the financial implications of changes made to the Human Capital side of the equation.


Clarke HCM’s entrepreneurial approach allows us to customize Human Capital Solutions to fit the needs of each client’s unique requirements.  We bring the breadth of HR experience and related expertise to each client engagement.

Philip J. Clarke
Founder & President

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