Clarke HCM Consulting provides clients with innovative, on-demand and direct access to experienced subject matter experts.  The firm’s core Services cover Total Rewards, Talent Management, HR Analytics and the Digital HR Technologies.  Clarke HCM can lead complex HR strategic transformations with the capability to efficiently lead tactical assignments.

Total Rewards

With regard to Total Rewards (Compensation and Benefits), Clarke HCM Consulting takes a different approach with our clients.  Our approach is to understand each clients unique Employee Value Proposition (EVP).  The EVP should articulate what the company “delivers” to employees and what the company “expects in return” from its employees.  In other words, clearly identifying the employee experience and the employer’s expectations.                    Read More...

Talent Management

Talent management refers to the anticipation of required human capital for an organization and the planning to meet those needs.  Talent management implies that companies are strategic and deliberate in how they plan, source, attract, select, train, develop, retain, promote, and move employees through the organization.  Finally, a talent management strategy needs to link to the company’s business strategy to make sense.  The Talent strategy exists to drive and support the execution of your business strategy.                                                                                                                                                      Read More...

HR Analytics

Human Resource Analytics involves providing insights regarding the process of gathering HR data and making decisions about how these processes can be improved upon.  The key aspect of HR Analytics is to show the impact that your HR department has on your organization.  Establishing a cause-and-effect relationship between what HR does and the related business outcomes allows leadership to develop and implement strategies based on this information.  Ultimately, this will assist your business in realizing better outcomes and therefore getting a better return on investment.                       Read More...

Digital HR Technologies

Within the Information Technology (IT) sector, there have been significant advances relating to Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS).  Organizations are looking at these new HRIS innovations to address how they deliver HR services.  There has been a greater emphasis to reduce IT support and related costs, and in turn, to provide information via Manager Self Service and Employee Self Service.                                                                                               Read More...

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