Total Rewards

With regard to Total Rewards (Compensation and Benefits), Clarke HCM Consulting takes a different approach with our clients.  Our approach is to understand our clients unique Employee Value Proposition (EVP).  The EVP should articulate what the company “delivers” to employees and what the company “expects in return” from its employees.  In other words, clearly identifying the employee experience and the employer’s expectations.


The Employee Value Proposition should be driven by both the business and human capital strategies.  So, what does this mean?  Most company strategies are based on their business purpose, values (culture) and their expected outcomes including profitable business performance, customer experience, employee performance and engagement.  On the flip side, the human capital strategy addresses the employee experience.  This includes how the employee interacts with the company, other employees and Total Rewards.  These all act to drive employee engagement. In summary:

                                                                                                    Total Rewards

                                        EVP        =                                                      +

                                                                     Business Purpose + People + Work to be completed

                                    (i.e., What the organization wants and expects from its employees and what the company provides in return)                               Read More...